Welcome to the

East Midland Bulldog Club

Established 1967


The East Midland Bulldog Club was formed in 1967 by an amalgamation of three existing clubs:

The Notts and Derby Bulldog Club - The Leicester and County Bulldog Club - Coventry and District Bulldog Club

At this time all three clubs were being run by Gladys and Colin Campion and due to their determination and hard work this resulted in them very ably and efficiently organising nine shows each year.

Being the Headmaster of a very large comprehensive school in Derby, Colin's expertise and knowledge of organisation proved invaluable in the merging of the three clubs.  Gladys having a career in banking made her the perfect candidate for Treasurer and together they worked tirelessly to build the club and increase membeship.

In 1971 Vic Haynes took over as Secretary and his wife Jackie as Treasurer.

1977 saw Vic take over as Chairman and Valerie Worth as Secretary with husband Mike as Treasurer.

In 1988 the resignation of Valerie coincided with Colin's retirement and once again he and Gladys took the reins as Secretary and Treasurer.

In 1998 Bob Wain was appointed Chairman.  Also this same year Vic Haynes took on the roles of both Secretary and Treasurer up to 1999 when Julie Norris took over as Treasurer until 2004 and Yvonne Franklin Secretary until 2003 which is the year that our PRESENT DAY Secretary, Mrs Liz Wain, took over this most important role.

2005 saw Mr Chris Redpath as Treasurer, this also being the year that our CURRENT TREASURER, Sue Howes, took over this position.

Bob Wain's death in 2011 was a great loss to the club, he had (along with his wife Liz, our current Secretary) served the club for many years, records show Bob was stewarding our shows way back in 1981.

Our Chairman today is Mr Andrew Saxon who took over this position in 2012.


In 1988 the club was granted CC's for the first time for alternate years which still remains in place today.

August 1st, 1992 we held a special Silver Jubilee Show to celebrate 25 years, our judge was Mr Norman Davis (Ocobo).

At our Open Show on October 8th, 2017 we celebrated our 'Golden Anniversary', our judge was Igna van Huyck (Pride of the Woods). 

We hold two shows each year.  We award the Bob Wain Memorial Trophy outright to the winner of a bitch class at our March show and to the winner of a dog class at our October show.   

Officers and Committee at this present time are:

Chairman                               Andrew Saxon

Vice Chairperson                  Julie Norris

Secretary                                Liz Wain

Treasurer                               Sue Howes


Gwen Biddle-Edwards       Sonia Saxon

Shirley Wainwright            Cindy Preston

Livvy Preston                      Beverley Eagle

Clare Bannister                  Lee Howard-Smith

Jeannette Battaglia          Andrew Bannister


Annual membership:  Joint -  £5.00     ---------     Single  -  £4.00

To join our club, please contact our Secretary, Liz Wain:  Tel:  0116 278 2419 or email: bobwain@madasafish.com

Our Honorary Life Members:  Mrs Vera Hardy, Mr Vic and Mrs Jackie Haynes