Welcome to the

East Midland Bulldog Club

Established 1967


Judge:   Mr James Taggart (Dempsey)





CRITIQUE: First of all, I would like to thank the East Midland Bulldog Club for giving me the opportunity to judge their show.  It was a great honour and an excellent day. I would also like to thank the committee and everyone who participated in making the day a success.

MPD:  (5,3) 1st Bannister's Andlare Everhard, brindle and white flashy strong dog with dark clear eyes, big open nostrils and nice width of jaw and a lovely upsweep. Strong muscle with flat broad skull, good ear set with strong neck and tacked on shoulders. Excellent straight bone with tight feet. Lovely front, good topline with a good tailset, moved well. RBIS and BPIS.  2nd Parker's Albionpride Star in Stripes, brindle and white standard size dog. Dark eyes, open nostrils with correct layback, not as strong as 1st. Nice front with tacked on shoulders, nice bone with tight feet. Good rib and tailset, moved OK.

PD:  (1) 1st Shirtcliffe's Asharlo Bubbalicious at Pashirs, red and white pied dog, standard size, dark eyes and open nostrils. Good fit of mouth, tacked on shoulders and enough bone down to tight feet. Good body shape and angulation as well as a good tailset, moved OK.

JD:  (1)  1st Bannister's Andlare Willy Nilly, red and white dog, lovely standard size with dark clear eyes. Sour expression, strong jaw and open nostrils. Broad flat skull with good ear set. Deep brisket and spring of rib. Enough bone down to tight feet. Good topline and angulation. Good tailset, moved OK.

ND:  (3)  1st Bannister's Andlare Everhard.  2nd Handley's Haddaway Stay With Me, red and white dog.  Bigger that 1st, a strong headed dog. Dark eyes, open nostrils, nice fit of mouth and good width of foreface. Straight bone with tight feet and moved OK.  3rd Connolly's Cofa's Galaxy Lodestar.

PGD:  (3)  1st Bentley's Ocobo Meant To Be At Triarder, red and white pied dog, standard size. Dark clear eyes, big open nostrils and broad flat skull. Nice rose ears, tacked on shoulders. Nice bone and tight feet. Moved well.  2nd Hunter's Orchardrose Patrick at Huntthorn, fawn and white dog, standard size in excellent condition. Good fit of mouth, open nostrils and dark clear eyes. Strong foreface with nice ear set. Enough bone and moved OK.  3rd  Morris Honourabull Chile'n Salsa For Ragmarte.

LD: (1) 1st Bannister's Andlare Thunder N Lightning, red and white strong powerful dog with lots of expression. Nice width of jaw, open nostrils and dark clear eyes. Broad skull, good ear set and strong neck. Strong bone down to tight feet, moved OK.

OD:  (5,3)  1st Handley's Winner Takes It All, quality brindle and white, flashy dog. Strong powerful dog with an excellent wide jaw and fit of mouth. Big open nostrils and a broad flat skull, lovely rose ears, strong neck and a powerful front. Excellent bone with tight feet, good rib and angulation, good tail, moved well. BIS  2nd  Watkin's Shipshape Candy Man Does, white with red patch. Lovely standard size dog with quality and correct layback. Open nostrils, dark clear eyes, good pigmentation. Strong front with tacked on shoulders. Straight bone down to tight feet, good tailset and moved well. 

VD/B:  (6,4)  1st Pratt & Nord's Mybozz Pretty Special Bokabull, red and white feminine looking bitch with good upsweep of jaw, open nostrils with dark clear eyes. Nice bone and tight feet, moved very well for a young nine years of age. BV  2nd  Dauphine-Simmons Shantallah Morning Light, red and white bitch, ten years of age, stronger than 1st. Big open nostrils, good ear set and strong bone with nice tight feet. Lovely depth of rib with good tailset.

MPB: (6,2) 1st Hunter's Huntthorn Amber Queen, red and white, standard size, feminine but strong enough to stand out. Dark clear eyes with a good fit of mouth and a broad flat skull with nice ear set. Enough neck and lovely body shape. Lovely front with tacked on shoulders and enough bone to tight feet.  2nd Rudd's Myeisha Lady Waffles, deep red and white feminine bitch. Dark eyes and nice open nostrils. Good upsweep and ear set. Nice bone with tight feet and lovely tailset. Very close between 1st and 2nd.  3rd  Watkin's Barrablack She's The One From Shipshape.

PB:  (7)  1st Bentley's Triarder Thats It Thats All, red and white lovely sized bitch. Strong but feminine. Dark clear eyes, big open nostrils, excellent wide true underjaw and upsweep. Broad flat skull with good ear set. Strong neck with a  great topline, strong front with tacked on shoulders and lovely bone. Free straight tail. Moved well, BB, BPB. 2nd Handley's Haddaway Amazing Grace, red and white bitch. Standard size, dark eyes and a large nose with open nostrils. Nice fit of mouth and good ear set. Enough neck with a good spring of rib. Lovely straight bone to tight feet. Good angulation with free tail. Moved well.  3rd  Cobb's Stellvana Dare To Dream With Stanryk.

JB:  (5,1)  1st Bradshaw's Brarabus Kimberella, red and white bitch, a real powerhouse. Dark eyes with a big open nose. Strong wide jaw with lovely upsweep, strong muscle and a broad flat skull. Lovely front with excellent bone. Short body with barrel of rib. Strong back-end with a nice tailset. Moved well. RBB  2nd  Bannister's Andlare Moon Flower, deep red and white standard size bitch. A little more feminine than 1st, dark eyes, wide jaw and a good upsweep. Good front with enough bone to tight feet. Moved OK.  3rd  Kolecka's Czantoria Jurasic Bulls.

NB:  (2)  1st Davies Kismond Celtic Sunset, fawn and white bitch with the darkest of eyes. Lovely expression, good ear set with a nice front. Enough bone. Moved OK. 

2nd  Stephenson's Odinschild Norse Sunrise, fawn and white bitch, a little longer than 1st. Dark eyes with a good upsweep. A nice front with straight bone. Moved OK.

PGB:  (7,4)  1st Dauphin-Simmons Senidan Deja Vu, red and white, very strong with a lovely wide underjaw. Big open nose with dark clear eyes. Broad flat skull and good ear set. Strong neck and front, excellent straight bone and a lovely spring of rib. Nice topline with good tailset. Moved OK. 2nd  Pratt and Nord's Britisher Gold Dust Bokabull, another very strong looking bitch, red and white pied. Dark clear eyes with open nose, strong muscle with broad flat skull. Good ears with strong neck. Strong bone, nice rib and good tailset. Moved OK.  3rd  Rudd's Myeisha Lady Peach.

LB:  (2)  1st Davies Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond JW,  brindle and white with a strong head. Lovely fit of  mouth and open nose. Nice neat ears and enough neck with a good topline. Excellent bone with a lovely long tail.  2nd  Freeman's Kesupa Like A Lady At Testwood,  red and white pied, different type to 1st, feminine bitch. Dark clear eyes and correct layback with a broad flat skull. Nice ear set, with enough neck and a barrel of rib. Good angulation with good tail. Moved well.

OB:  (4,2)  1st Freeman's Testwood Theme For A Dream, red and white bitch, lovely balanced dog. Lovely dark eyes, open nose and good fit of mouth. Broad skull, good length of neck with a correct front and tacked on shoulders with enough bone to tight feet. Moved very well.  2nd Davies, Kismond Honolulu Sunset JW, red and white bitch, standard size. Dark eyes, open nose with a lovely upsweep. Enough neck with lovely bone and good tailset. Moved well.