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East Midland Bulldog Club

Established 1967



Judge:  Mrs Judith Collie




Owned by:  Mr & Mrs Bannister


    RESERVE BEST IN SHOW                    BEST OPPOSITE SEX                            BEST PUPPY IN SHOW                           BEST VETERAN               

Ch Sealaville He's Tyler                 Ch Sgribble Pip As Blenhiemstar                  Wembholt White Rose                     Melafella Red Perry At Rospaw

  Owners: Mr & Mrs Seal                                      Owner: Miss Hanley                                  Owners: Davis & Bishoprick                                Owner: Ms Pannifer

Judge's Critique:   

I was delighted to accept this judging appointment and want to take a moment to thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience for me. The venue was perfect, my accommodation and meals were first class as was my very able chauffer and my ring stewards who kept both myself and the show running smoothly. I would most of all like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge your show and all the exhibitors who entered their dogs and accepted my placings so graciously.  As you all know, beauty is only skin deep, that is of course unless you are judging Bulldogs. For a Bulldog has a personality all of it's own and is a lot more that just 'SKIN DEEP'. Overall, health, temperament, conformation, balance, condition and movement were very evident on the day and great to see all the stars of the future in the puppy classes.

MPD: (5,3)  1st Davis, Milasha No Retreat Ocobo, 7 mths, a very promising puppy, lovely brick head, neat ear, dark eye, wide nostrils, true

jaw with lovely upsweep and expression, square front with straight bone to good feet, good depth of chest, neat tuck up, good tail, good

angulation, walked his width with purpose. One to Watch!  2nd Forryan's He's Drake Kenolan, 7 mths, another promising youngster, good

head shape, clear eye, good foreface and expression, body shape, moved soundly.

PD: (7,3)  1st Manders,Erimusbulls Mannion, 12 mths, another youngster showing great promise. Typical brick head, clear dark eye, wide

nostrils, true jaw and sweep, good front to neat feet, walked his width and moved soundly.  2nd Livingstone's Wencar Red Chance at

Jacobella, promising boy, different type to 1 with good head qualities, good jaw, longer in body with good overall shape, sound on the move.

 3rd Ghent's Bollinger Snoopy Blue At Danickies.

JD: (5,1)  1st Lee's Milasha Preacher Man Mystyle, well grown boy with great head qualities, flat skull, fine wrinkle, dark eye, true jaw, good

foreface and expression, well angulated with smooth and balanced movement.  2nd Hodgkinson's Bullpei Ray Donovan, good head qualities

with good expression, square front, needs to come on in depth of chest, body shape good and moved soundly.  3rd Ghent's Bollinger Snoopy

Blue at Danickies.

YD: (7,3)  1st Eaton's Ricatori Prime Time, strong headed dog with good ear placement, good width of jaw, straight bone to good feet, good

tuck up, neat tail, moved well.  2nd Pickering's Ch Happy And Glorious Hennessy, strong head qualities with clear dark eye, good jaw and

upsweep, good angulation, moved well.  3rd  Parker's Albionpride A Kind Of Magic.

ND: (2,1)  1st Pannifer's Rospaw Betcha By Golly Wow, good head qualities with correct ear placement, dark eye, enough nostril, good jaw,

good bone and feet, movement a bit slow on the day.

PGD: (8,3)  1st Bannister's Andlare Everhard, noticed this young boy at Belfast, real quality, strong head with flat skull, dark eye, wide

nostrils, correct jaw with super upsweep, plenty of foreface with great expression, well off for bone and angulation, balanced, effortless

sound movement. Very pleased to award him the CC & BIS. 2nd Hopkins & Rennebach, Voyage Red Of Renikkho, solid red dog with good

head, neat ears, dark eye to good jaw, neat front to good feet, moved soundly. 3rd Archer's Michell V'T Patdana Home At Terralynda.

LD: (9,4)  1st Davis & Bishoprick's Ryvonlou Freedom Fighter Mystyle, another quality dog, correct head, flat skull, dark eye, wide nostrils,

true jaw with good upsweep, pleasing foreface and expression, well balanced with sound movement.  2nd Martin's Calibra Chichester,

quality dog with good head, ear and eye, good width of jaw, straight bone and good body shape, moved well.  3rd Winter's Silobull Keep

Calm N Carry On JW.

OD: (9,4)  1st Seal's CH Sealaville He's Tyler, strong head and straight bone, dark eye, open nostrils, true jaw with good upsweep, nicely

shaped and balanced body, fluid movement. Pushed hard for the CC, but I preferred head of my CC winner, very pleased to award RCC &

RBIS.  2nd Simpson's Valleybulls Cross Country To Jackarhys, standard sized with good head, overall shape of body good and balanced,

dark eye, good jaw, well barrelled rib, good feet with sound movement.  3rd Eaton's Ricatori Roman King.

VB: (1) 1st  Pannifer's Melafella Red Perry At Rospaw, 7 yr old red & white, very feminine with good head qualities, good overall shape and

balance, enough jaw, good depth of brisket, sound in movement. Best Veteran.

MPB: (6,1)  1st  Dearlove's Margobull Miss Dior Cherie For Ryjarlow, good overall body balance, decent topline, good angulation and neat

feet, in good condition, moved well.  2nd Davies Kismond Polynesian Sunset, another quality bitch with a good head and expression, nice

topline, enough tail, movement not as good as 1st.  3rd Tudor's Francis Kray Onassis Girl Of Gambinobull.

PB: (10,6)  1st Davis & Bishoprick's Wembholt White Rose Mystyle, lovely quality puppy with correct head and ear placement, ample

foreface and expression, true jaw and upsweep, good topline and depth of brisket, well angulated with lovely sound movement. Very

pleased to award her BPIS. One to watch!  2nd  Hanley's Redworc Pretty Perfect As Blenhiemstar, standard sized r/w with good head

qualities, dark eye, enough nostril, good jaw and good neck to good feet, moved well.  3rd Ingamells Mellowmood Strike A Pose For Chelajay.


JB: (13,5)  1st Martin's Calibra Clemintine, quality bitch with good brick head, dark eye, good foreface and good width of jaw, well balanced

body, good rib moved soundly.  2nd McMunn & Griffiths Goodbull Rita Ora, good head qualities, enough neck, square front with straight

bone, enough tail and moved well.  3rd Saxon's Bagibeli Queen of Hearts.

YB: (7,1)  1st Archer's Florancewood Angel Of Peace For Britbull, standard size with good head and dark eye, good underjaw, well boned

and balanced, moved very well. 2nd  Simpson's Jackarhys Bittersweet, quality bitch, flat skull with dark eye, good nostrils and jaw, well

ribbed, movement not as smooth as first on the day.  3rd  Davies Kismond Celtic Sunset.

NB: (6)  1st Davies Gabalfabull Indiana Kismond, strong bitch with correct brick head, dark eye, enough nostril and foreface, good jaw

and neck, nice pear shape and well ribbed, movement very sound.  2nd  Manders Erimusbulls Ms Greta Garbo, also strong head with

correct ear, eye and jaw, good balance overall moved well. 3rd  Martin's Calibra Pretty Woman.

PGB:  (2)  1st Takarangi's Ruakuri Tears From Heaven, standard size with good head, neat thin ears, good nostrils, good jaw and upsweep,

enough neck to good front, good width and depth of chest, well ribbed and angulated, moved well.  2nd  Rolinson's Joyjans Surprise Packet,

carrying a bit too much weight but otherwise overall in proportion and balance, good head qualities, would move so much better with

less weight.

LB: (15,5)  1st Freeman's Kesupa Like A Lady At Testwood, presented in lovely condition, brick head, flat skull, good eye, nostril and jaw,

good foreface expression, ample bone with lovely barrel, good angulation, sound and free on the move.  2nd Hanley's Ragmarte Lilly Pad

As Blenhiemstar, also in lovely condition, feminine correct head, very similar to 1 with enough tail and less free on the move.  3rd Davies

Shiloh Disco Dancer.

OB:  (11,3)  1st Hanley's CH Sgribble Pip As Blenhiemstar, loved the head quality on this girl, darkest eye, wide nostrils, ample foreface

and expression, correct jaw with lovely upsweep, enough neck to straight front, good depth of chest, well ribbed and angulated, moved

with balance and soundness, very pleased to award her CC & BOS.  2nd  Freshney's CH Bullenca Firecracker, another quality girl, different

type to 1 but with strong head qualities also, well shaped and balanced body, movement on the day not as fluid as 1.  3rd  Davis Meljane

Coconut Ice Mystyle.




OPEN CUP BREED SHOW - 20TH MARCH 2016                                   BEST IN SHOW - ANDLARE WILLY NILLY

                                                                                                                      RESERVE BIS & BOS - KISMOND HONOLULU SUNSET JW

Judge:  Ms Kirsty Rudd (Myeisha)                                                        BEST PUPPY - BULLYOYO VIPER GT WITH BRITISHROSE

                                                                                                                      BEST VETERAN - PRIDEOFBULLY NAPOLION

CRITIQUE:  I want to say a big thank you to the East Midland Bulldog Club for giving me this opportunity and starting me off with the breed club shows.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was overwhelmed by the support from the exhibitors giving me their entry and having hardly any absentees so able to

go over so many lovely quality bulldogs.  The committee were excellent they put on a great show, everything ran smoothly and I was well looked after

which made it a lovely experience, I couldn't of asked for anything more. Thank you.

MPD: 1st Murphy's Bullyoyo Viper GT with Britishrose, w/r 7 mth old all round well balanced youngster with very pleasing head and front.

Lovely flat skull with dark eyes, good layback and upsweep of jaw. Straight front, well boned with tight feet. Short coupled body with correct

topline and tail set, moved well.  Looking forward to watching this male mature expect him to have much success in the future. BEST PUPPY DOG.

 2nd Martin's Calibra Tombola, r/w another lovely male with pleasing head, dark eyes, good pigmentation and wide jaw.  Well boned, tacked on

front with cobby pear shaped body and nice rear angulation. Moved OK.  3rd Hodgkinson's Bullpei Ray Donovan.

PD: 1st Sibbick's Nobozz Adonis of Treasurabull, r/w nice shaped flat wide head with dark pigmentation, good nostrils and wide true jaw. Nice

front and tight feet with plenty of bone. Pear shaped body with good rib and lovely loose tail, moved well.  2nd  Taggart's Dempsey Judas, r/w

well boned quality male with strong head just bit more wrinkle to 1st but didn't affect layback. Dark eyes and good pigmentation and great width

and upsweep of jaw. Straight front with good depth of chest and tight feet. Nice pear shape body and good rear angulation, moved ok.

3rd Jenkinsons's Bullwicks Astute.

JD: 1st Hopkin's & Rennebach's Voyage Red, r/w lovely brick shape skull with neat rose ears and dark round eyes. Very good width on shoulders

and tacked on, well boned front with enough depth to chest. Nice cobby body with good spring of rib and tuck up. Healthy tail just carried a little

high but moved well.  2nd Bannister's Andlare Everhard, brindle nicely balanced well boned male with lovely shape head. Round dark eyes and

great pigmentation, good layback and true wide jaw. Well ribbed pear shaped body and good rear angulation. Moved well can easily swap places

with 1st. 3rd Hanley's Albert Dowell.


ND: 1st Bellerby's Jaybelabee Thor, w/r another well boned male with a wide flat head and well placed rose ears. Dark eyes with lovely layback

and good wide upswept jaw. Plenty of bone and well tacked on front leading down to nice tight feet. Balanced pear shaped body, nice rear

angulation and healthy tail. Moved well and deservedly awarded RBD. 2nd Reynolds Biddle Ba Da Bing.

PGD: 1st Winter's Silobull Keep Calm N Carry On, white male that stood alone in his class but still very worthy of his place. Lovely head with flat

skull and nice well placed rose ears. Darkest of eyes, nice layback and lovely true wide jaw. Good shoulder width and well boned front with deep

chest and tuck up. Correct topline with loose tail and moved well.

LD: 1st Bannister's Andlare Willy Nilly, r/w quality eye catching flashy male, beautiful strong head with no exaggerations. Lovely round dark eyes,

well placed rose ears and good layback. Excellent strong true jaw with plenty of width and upsweep. Broad well built shoulders, well boned front

and nice tight feet. Great depth of chest and tuck up. Good spring of rib making a lovely pear shaped body with nice topline leading to healthy

loose tail. Lovely happy boy moved well and enjoyed every moment in the ring which was a pleasure to see.  BD & BIS.  2nd Dauphin-Simmons,

Senidan Blanco Pablo. 3rd Martin's Calibra Chichester.

VD/B: 1st Hanley's Prideofbully Napolion, brindle male looking very well for 7 1/2 yrs in age. Nice wide head with good ear placement. Darkest

of eyes, good layback and sweep. Plenty of bone, straight front leading to neat tight feet. Moved well and still has spring in his step, BV. 2nd

Dauphin-Simmons Shantallah Morning Light, r/w female again looked really well at the grand old age of 10 1/2 years. Nice shaped head and skull

with lovely layback. Good pigmentation and nice wide jaw. Straight front with just enough bone and tight feet. Tail set correctly but tight, moved


MPB: 1st Martin's Calibra Clementine, r/w quality 6mth old cobby bitch with strong pleasing head. Wide flat brick shape skull, well placed rose

ears and nice layback. Great true jaw with amazing width and sweep. Lovely tacked on front with plenty of bone down to nice tight feet. Good ribs,

topline and tailset. Moved well and pushed hard for Best Puppy Bitch. 2nd Bentley's Triarder Comme Ci Comme Ca, w/r another 6mth old but less

mature than 1st in head but still very pleasing and all qualities there. Plenty of bone with good shoulders and front and nice depth to chest. Good

spring of rib and lovely pear shaped body. Nice rear angulation, moved well. 3rd Poole's Anandares Dakota's Daisy.

PB: 1st Bannister's The Stargazer by Andlare, r/w lovely quality standard feminine bitch with pleasing head and body shape. Great brick shape

skull with well placed thin neat rose ears. Dark clear round eyes and good pigmentation. Lovely true jaw with plenty of width and sweep

completing an excellent layback. Nice straight front with enough bone and neat tight feet. Good depth of chest and tuck up. Correct topline with

well set healthy tail and good rear angulation and movement. A well balanced beautiful feminine young lady who took it all in her stride.

BEST PUPPY BITCH.  2nd Morris's Cutie McPretty at Ragmarte, r/w great wide flat head with good ear placement and nicely rosed. Nice width to

shoulders and straight front. Correct topline and nice length to body. Moved good. 3rd Poole's Starscreen She's Chelsea at Anandare.

JB: 1st Bentley's Triarder Thats It Thats All, another well balanced flashy bitch with very pleasing head qualities. Lovely wide head with neat thin

well placed rose ears. Lovely round clear eyes, true wide jaw and sweep and good layback. Good width of shoulder with straight front and nice tight

feet. Excellent depth of chest and correct topline with great rear angulation. Moved well pushed very hard for Best Bitch so easy to award Res Best

Bitch & Best Junior in Show. 2nd Hanley's Sgribble Pip as Blenhiemstar, r/w lovely brick shape skull with good width to head. Eyes not as good in

shape as 1st but clear and dark. Pleasing layback and wide jaw with enough upsweep. Plenty of bone good front and chest. Good rib and pear shaped body with healthy tail. Moved very good. 3rd Harris, Suribulls Lady Jane

NB: 1st Bentley's Triarder Thats It Thats All. 2nd Bannister's The Stargazer By Andlare. 3rd Panton's Kenquice Beautiful Noise.

UGB: 1st Hanley's Ragmarte Lilly Pad As Blenhiemstar, r/w lovely brick shaped skull with wide flat head and nicely set rose ears. Dark eyes and

wide true jaw. Good width to shoulders, tacked on front and nice deep chest. Correct topline leading to lovely healthy tail, moved well. 2nd Davies

Kismond Celtic Sunset, good head shape with excellent clear eyes and wide true jaw. Lovely tacked on front and neat tight feet. Pear shaped body

with nice topline and tail, moved ok. 3rd Panton's Kenquice Beautiful Noise.

PGB: 1st Panton's Kenquice Beautiful Noise, r/w at 7 mths old this little lady has been in all bitch classes so far and standing better each time. Very

small in body lots of maturing to do yet. Nice round dark eyes and good jaw. Neat tight feet and healthy tail. Movement difficult to see she needs

more training but was certainly enjoying the day.

LB: 1st Davies Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond JW, brindle/w great head qualities with brick shaped skull and neat rose ears. Darkest of eyes, very good

pigmentation and wide true jaw. Good shoulders with tacked on front and tight feet. Lovely pear shape and topline with good tail, moved excellent.

2nd Bradshaw's Brarabus Kimberella JW, r/w another bitch with strong head just a little more work to it than 1st. Round dark eyes, good nostrils and wide jaw with enough sweep. Tacked on front and good depth to chest with ok topline. Tail well set and loose, moved ok. 3rd Panton's Kenquice

Beautiful Noise.

OB: 1st Davies Kismond Honolulu Sunset JW, r/w quality feminine female with very pleasing head and front. Brick skull, flat head and neat rose

ears. Round dark eyes, good open nostrils and great width to jaw. Nice straight front with enough bone and neat tight feet. Lovely pear shaped body

and topline with good rear angulation. Walked her width with great movement awarded Best Bitch, Res Best in Show & Best Oppostie Sex.

2nd Panton's Kenquice Beautiful Noise.