March 18th 2018

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East Midland Bulldog Club

Established 1967



         18TH MARCH 2018           





Owned by:  Mr & Mrs Ironmonger

JUDGE:  Lorraine Watkins


            RESERVE BEST IN SHOW                                                                                               BEST OPPOSITE SEX

Ricatori Redesigned

Owners: Mr & Mrs Eaton

 Best Opposite                   Best in Show                    Reserve Best

          Sex                         Best Puppy in Show                 in Show

MPD (7,1)

1st,BD,BPD  - Burchell Mr Bohannon at Britanic

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Ironmonger

3rd - Powell & Smith - Masconbull Henrys Legacy at Carasmel

Res - Martin - Calibra Hamilton

VHC - Bradshaw - Brarabus Vince

PD (5,3)

1st - Shuckstun's Milky Bar Kid

Owner:  Miss Holmes

JD  (11,6)

1st - Bagibeli Billy Ray

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Saxon

2nd - Trappist Maximus Meridius Ricatori - Owners: Mr & Mrs Eaton

2nd - Monty Maxamillian

Owner:  Mrs Manning

2nd - Mellowmood Morganite Calibra

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Martin

3rd - Haines - Justafiabull Tristana

Res - Poole - Anandare He's Bowie

VHC - Manning - Monty Maxamillian

ND (7,6)

1st - Avaword Lenny

Owner: T Dymond

PGD (2,1)

1st,RBD - Ricatori Redesigned

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Eaton

LD (3,3)                                                                                 OD (2,2)

VD/VB (2,2)

MPB (6,2)

1st,BPB - Calibra Belle Monte

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Martin

2nd - Laroyal Lead The Way

Owner:  Miss Hanley

3rd - Bradshaw - Brarabus Honky Tonk Woman

Res - Fisher - Calibra Queen Victoria At Waneta

PB (8,5)

1st - Ruakuri Making Sweet Memories as Blenhiemstar

Owner: Miss Hanley

3rd - Mayo - Triarder Abita Posh

JB (13,6)

1st,BB - Midlandbulls Candy Crush Ricatori

Owners: Mr & Mrs Eaton

3rd - George - Avaword Mollie

Res - Ashton & Dodwell - Asharlo Gypsy Rose

VHC - Mayo - Dajomi Fair Young Maid At Gasholi

YB (6,4)

1st - Calibra Goldilocks

Owners:  Mr & Mrs Martin

NB (5,2)

1st - Midlandbulls Lady Luck At Trachaz

Owner:  Mrs Farnan-Trachaz

3rd - Jobson - Takoda Friend To All

2nd - Takoda Friend To All

Owner -  Mrs Jobson

2nd - Ricatori Mysterious Girl At Shuckstun - Owner:  Miss Holmes

2nd - Shuckstun's Allure

Owner:  Miss Holmes

2nd - Avaword Isabelle

Owner:  T Dymond

Winner of Novice Bitch Class


The Bob Wain Memorial


Midlandbulls Lady Luck

At Trachaz

Owned by: Mrs T A Farnan-Trachaz

Presented by Mr Dave Egan

PGB (2,1)

1st - Senidan Queen Of Hearts

Owner:  Mrs Dauphin-Simmons

OB (6,1)

LB (2,1)

1st - Avaword Connie JW

Owner:  Miss George

1st,RBB - Redworc Pretty Perfect as Blenhiemstar

Owner:  Miss Hanley

3rd - Holmes - Shuckstun's Girl On Fire

Res - Martin - Calibra Pretty Woman

VHC - Dauphin-Simmons - Senidan Deja Vue

2nd - Asharlo Tooty Fruity

Owners:  Miss Ashton & Mr Dodwell

Note:  Further pictures taken at this show can be viewed in our Photo Gallery.

Judge's critique:

Sincere thanks to all that entered this show, the entry of 81 was fantastic.  We were unlucky enough to meet the Beast from The East so many exhibitors could not attend, thank you to all of you that battled the weather to get there and huge thank you to the lovely Committee for putting on a great show with a lovely atmosphere in very extreme conditions.Thanks Andy Saxon for your excellent stewarding skills.

MPD (7,1) 1st - Ironmonger's Burchell Mr Bohannon at Britannic, Brindle and white standard size, stunning dog puppy, brick shaped head with flat skull, very clean with no exaggeration at all.  Large black nose with good nostrils.  Lovely true upsweep and width to underjaw, perfect eyes, large, dark, round and well placed.  Well filled under eyes.  Well placed thin, rose shaped ear.  Stand off expression. Enough length of neck to tacked on shoulders.  Straight front with good width down to neat feet. Nice barrelled rib.  Short but healthy tail.  The best topline I have seen for a long time, lovely curve over the hind quarters, just how a bulldog should look.  Movement lovely coming and going, staying wide on the front and shuffling on the rear with rear feet clearly visable inside the front legs, when viewed from the front, giving the correct rolling gait.  Immaculate condition and beautifully handled. BPIS, BEST IN SHOW.  2nd - Eaton's Trappist Maximus Meridius Ricatori. Red and white. Eye catching male, larger that 1st, beautiful head qualities, large round eye, good nostrils, good depth and width to foreface.  Brick shaped, flat skull, correct ear set.  Excellent bone on straight front with neat feet, well angulated.  Healthy, well set tail.  Sound movement front and rear.  Immaculate condition and well handled

PD (5,3) 1st - Holmes, Shuckstuns Milky Bar Kid. Standard sized white male, dark eye, flat skull.  Good layback.  Well off for bone. Square front, tacked on shoulder.  Short coupled.  Lovely pear shaped body with good tuck up. Good movement front and rear.  2nd - Manning's Monty Maxamillian, fawn and white dog, Open dark eye, longer in body than 1st, good depth of brisket, good rib.  New to showing and enjoyed his day.

JD (11,6) 1st - Saxon's Bagibeli Billy Ray, red and white.  Balanced dog, no exaggeration at all, clean, flat skull.  Dark round eye, lovely upsweep.  Good nostrils.  Tacked on shoulder, nice depth to brisket.  Straight front down to tight neat feet.  Good tuck up.  Nicely angulated with well let down hocks.  Healthy tail well set.  Moved OK particularly well on rear.  Immaculately presented and handled well.  2nd - Martin's Mellowmood Morganite Calibra.  Red and white, standard sized dog, heavier than 1st, well balanced.  Flat skull, dark, clear eye, well filled foreface, small thin rosed ears, well set.  Tacked on shoulders, good depth of brisket, plenty of bone on true front. Short coupled with nice topline, good tuck up, well angulated, moved very well coming and going. Beautiful presentation.

ND (7,6) - 1st - Dymond's Avaword Lenny, stood alone, a little excited in the class.  Standard sized dog, dark healthy eye, good width of underjaw, good bone, moved better in the challenge.  Well presented.

PGD (2,1) - 1st Eaton's Ricatori Redesigned, red and white.  Clean, eye catching dog.  Beautiful head, correct brick shape with dark clear eyes, large black nose with good nostrils, lovely width and strength in the foreface.  Wide underjaw with good upsweep and depth.  Correct expression.  Well placed shoulder, straight front.  Healthy tail.  Neat round feet.  Lovely front and rear movement that looks great when viewed from all angles.  Immaculate condition, handled well.  RBD & RBIS.

LD (3,3),     OD (2,2),      VD/VB (2,2)

MPB (6,2) - 1st - Martin's Calibra Belle Monte, fawn and white.  Beautiful feminine puppy.  Lovely balance.  Correct head shape, clear dark eyes, well placed.  Flat skull, not exaggerated.  Well placed thin, rose ears.  Large black nose, open nostrils.  Excellent width in foreface.  Lovely upsweep to a true wide jaw with fantastic dentition, canines wide apart with 6 teeth in a perfectly straight line.  Best jaw of the day.  Enough length to neck.  Well tacked on shoulders, plenty of bone on a straight front with lovely depth of brisket.  Well off for rib, short coupled, lovely pear shaped body.  Moved very well, true and wide in front but in no way stilted.  Delighted to give her BPB.  Challenged very hard for top honours.  2nd - Hanley's La Royal Lead The Way, another fabulous puppy.  Beautifully balanced.  Dark round eye.  Large black nose, open nostrils, good front, nice depth of brisket.  Tidy, round feet.  Good brisket and rib, correct topline, well angulated.  Moved  well.

PB (8,5) - 1st- Hanley's Ruarkuri Making Sweet Memories, red and white.  Sound all round puppy.  Dark eye, good nostrils, nice upsweep, tacked on shoulder with well boned front, good brisket and rib.  Excellent movement.  2nd - Jobson's Takoda Friend To All.  Typy puppy, dark eye, brick shaped skull, well angulated, moved well.

JB (13,6) - A very strong class, any of the first 4 could be a class winner. All quality bitches, sadly can only give one first!

1st - Eaton's Midlandbulls Candycrush Ricatori, red bitch standard size, lovely expression, very typical.  Lovely upsweep, good dentition, dark eye, flat skull, full foreface, small neat ears, well placed.  Tacked on shoulder.  Correct topline, enough neck.  Short smooth coat.  Sound movement front and rear.  Pristine condition, well handled.  BB & BOS.   2nd - Holmes, Ricatori Mysterious Girl at Shuckstun.  Larger than 1st but a lovely bitch, gave her handler a hard time.  Lovely type, clean brick head.  Dark clear eyes.  Large black nose with good open nostrils.  Straight front, neat tight feet, good brisket, good tuck up, healthy tail.  Moved well when could be assessed.  Hope this lovely girl settles down.

YB (6,4) - 1st - Martin's Calibra Goldilocks.  Red and white standard sized bitch.  Very balanced.  Clear dark eyes.  Lovely square jaw, thin rose ears.  Tacked on shoulders, deep brisket and barrelled rib, well angulated with well let down hocks.  Correct topline.  Healthy tail.  Moved well front and rear.  Sadly decided not to move in the challenge.  2nd - Holmes, Shuckstun Allure, red bitch, reluctant to move today.  Lovely type, clean skull, brick shape.  Dark, clear and round eye. Beautiful straight front and shoulder construction.  Good length of neck.  Neat tight feet.  Lovely barrelled rib.  Sound movement for the short time she settled.

NB (5,2) - 1st - Farnan-Trachaz's Midlandbulls Lady Luck at Trachaz.  Brindle and white, nothing exaggerated in this bitch.  Lovely round clear and dark eyes.  Flat skull, correct brick shaped head.  Well tacked on shoulder.  Adequate bone.  Good length of neck.  Moved OK. Good healthy tail.  2nd - Dymond's Avaword Isabelle.  Red and White.  Strong bitch.  Very balanced.  Good width and depth to foreface, giving correct upsweep.  Dark eyes.  Deep brisket, pear shaped body, moved OK.  Well presented.

PGB (2,1) - 1st - Dauphin-Simmons, Senidan Queen of Hearts.  Standard sized.  Dark eye.  Correct front to beautiful tight, round and neat feet.  Tacked on shoulders, correct topline, Healthy tail, moved well.

LB (2,1)  -  1st - George's Avaword Connie.  Very flashy red and white bitch.  Beautiful clear dark and round eye.  Very clean brick shaped head, no exaggeration at all.  Excellent foreface, deep and wide, showing well fitting, well turned jaw.  Well tacked on shoulders, lovely straight front, with obvious fore chest.  Round, tight feet.  Excellent rib and pear shaped body, lovely tuck up.  Sound rear end.  Just preferred more typical front movement of top winners.  Superb presentation and well handled.  A lovely bitch to appreciate.

OB (6,1) - 1st - Hanley's Redworc Pretty Perfect as Blenheimstar.  Red and white, standard sized and very balanced.  Dark eye, flat skull, well placed thin rosed ears.  Lovely straight dentition, deep brisket, good bone.  Well barrelled rib and pear shaped body.  Excellent topline dropping gently behind shoulders and rising over the loins.  Moved very well both front and rear.  Very well handled.  RBB.  2nd - Ashton & Dodwell's Asharlo Tooty Fruity.  Different type to 1st but a lovely clean bitch.  Huge round open eyes.  Large black nose with big open nostrils.  Lovely upsweep and wide underjaw.  Well tacked on shoulders, lovely gentle curve to topline.  Excellent tuck up.  Very well muscled, shown in immaculate condition, handled gently and well.  Very close to 1st, just slightly preferred movement on 1st on the day.  Two lovely bitches.


Midlandbulls Candy Crush

Ricatori Owners:  Mr & Mrs Eaton