March 17th 2019

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East Midland Bulldog Club

Established 1967

          BEST IN SHOW 


17TH MARCH 2019




Owned by: Mr & Mrs J Livingstone

Judge:  Mrs Pam Freeman


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Iceglint I'm Fabian

Owner: Mrs S E Garside


Hillplace Lady Of Iron 

Owners: Mr R & Mrs M Taylor


Bagibeli Ace Of Spades

Owners: Mr A T & Mrs S L Saxon


Kismond Midnight Sunset

Owners: Mr P & Mrs S Davies

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MPD (2,1)

PD (7,3)

1st - Royaltudor Beast In The East

Owner:  Mr A J Williamson

1st - Bagibeli Ace Of Spades

Owners: Mr A T & Mrs S L Saxon

3rd - Crook & Boardman - Ricatori Rule Changer

Res - Livingstone - Jacobella Captain Flint

JD (2)

1st - Ranfire All About Christian

Owners: Mrs P & Mr M Allen

YD (1)

2nd - Andlare Scooter At Kikuchi

Owners: Mr C, Mrs S & Master L Evison

2nd - Melafella Cool and Cocky

Owners: Mr J & Mrs S Nicholson

ND (4,1)

1st - Beashas Boy Begbie

Owner: Mrs J Winwood

1st - Anandare He's Bowie

Owner - Mrs A Poole

3rd - Winwood - Beashas Boy Begbie

PGD (5,2)

1st - Iceglint I'm Fabian

Owner: Mrs S E Garside

3rd - Davies - Kerkade Show Time With Kismond

LD (3,3)

OD (4,3)

2nd - Melafella Cool and Cocky

Owners: Mr J & Mrs S Nicholson

2nd - Hawkbulls Quinn Bullmarina

Owner: Mr J M Dean

VD/B (7,3)

1st - Ruakuri On The Road Again At Jacobella

Owners: Mr & Mrs J Livingstone

1st - Hillplace Lady Of Iron

Owners: Mr R & Mrs M Taylor

3rd - Poole - Anandare Daniels Destiny

Res - Ashton & Dodwell - Mystyle Eclipse Asharlo JW

MPB (7,3)

1st - Royaltudor Bless You Simone

Owner: Mr A J Williamson

3rd - Dauphin-Simmons - Senidan Princess Ida

Res - Ashton & Dodwell - Asharlo Hocus Pocus

PB (6,2)

1st - Brarabus Proud Mary

Owners: Mr C & Mrs S Bradshaw

3rd - Livingstone - Jacobella Madam Me Me

Res - Parker - Albionpride Miss Furtado

JB (5,3)

1st - Andlare Come What May

Owners: Mr A R & Mrs C L Bannister

YB (1,1)

NB (3,2)

2nd - Andlares Late Fall

Owners: Mr A R & Mrs C L Bannister

2nd - Hillplace Gold Charm

Owners: Mr R & Mrs M Taylor

2nd - Andlare Holy Calamity

Owners: Mr A R & Mrs C L Bannister

2nd - Kismond Tropical Sunset

Owners: Mr P & Mrs S Davies

PGB (4,4)

LB (3,1)

1st - Kismond Midnight Sunset

Owners: Mr P & Mrs S Davies

1st - Takoda Friend To All

Owners: Mr G M & Mrs R V Jobson

OB (5,1)

1st - Willsmere Samantha

Owners: Mr & Mrs Williams

3rd - Davies - Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond JW

Res - Livingstone - Carasmel Heart Of Soul At Jacobella

2nd - Willsmere Matilda

Owners: Mr & Mrs Williams

2nd - Asharlo Gypsy Rose

Owners: Miss H Ashton & Mr S Dodwell

Note:  Further pictures taken at this show can be viewed in our Photo Gallery

Judge's Critique:

Thank you for such a lovely entry and thank you to my Steward, Andy, for his help and quiet efficiency in making the day run so well, and a big thank you to the hard working Committee for such a well run and wonderfully friendly show.

MPD (2,1) - 1st. Williamson's Royal Tudor Beast In The East - 8 month old red/white with a good head, length as well as width. Good underjaw, dark clear eyes and well set small ears. He has lovely bone, good straight front leading to tight feet. Well constructed with good topline and enough rear angulation. Needs to drop in chest, but he has plenty of time on his side.

PD (7,3) - 1st. Saxon's Bagibeli Ace Of Spades - Red/white puppy that I have admired from the ringside and even better to go over. All male with good bone, straight front leading to super feet, real tacked on shoulders, good width and depth of chest. Brick shaped head with good turn up, clear dark eyes and correctly placed neat ears. He is a clearly defined pear shape with just a shade extra length of loin which does not detract from his overall quality. He has fantastic ring presence. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.   2nd. Evison's Andlare Scooter at Kikuchi - 10 month old red/white puppy that I have loved from the ringside every time I've seen him. He is full of style, but was unsettled today and did not show or move as I have seen him before. He is well constructed with good bone and straight front leading to correct feet. He has both width and depth in front, and lovely shoulders with good topline, good head with flat skull and correct ears.

3rd. Crook & Boardman's Ricatori Rule Changer.

JD (2) - 1st. Allen's Ranfire All About Christian - 14 month old red/white dog. Well constructed with good front, both width and depth. Tacked on shoulders and correct pear shaped body finished off with a good tail. Nice neck and topline. Good mouth and wide open nostrils.    2nd. Nicholson's Melafella Cool and Cocky - 15 month old red/white dog. Very good head and expression with neat noseroll and lovely underjaw. Flat skull with neat correctly placed ears. Still slightly leggy and lacking depth of chest, but he's young and has time to improve. Good profile and topline, finished off with a good tail.

YD (1) - 1st. Winwood's Beashas Boy Begbie - 21 month old red/white dog. He has a good head and mouth. Good noseroll, clear dark eyes and small well placed ears. He fidgeted a lot and would not allow his handler to set him up, as a result his front looked fairly narrow and leggy, but with ring training he may look a lot better. 

ND (4,1) - 1st. Poole's Anandare He's Bowie - A nice red/white dog. Arrived late so he was panting and restless, but I liked his bone and general type. Good head and mouth. Good front, both width and depth, real tacked on shoulders and great width of rib with good tail. Not a big boy but all male. He moved well.   2nd. Nicholson's Melafella Cool and Cocky.

3rd. Winwood's Beashas Boy Begbie.

PGD (5,2) - 1st. Garside's Iceglint I'm Fabian - Eye-catching pied dog with a superb front, with absolutely straight bone leading to tight cat feet. Good upturn and wide open nostrils, flat skull with well placed neat ears. Well constructed and well muscled, with lovely tacked on shoulders adding to the picture, good spring of rib, finished off with a good tail. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.   2nd. Dean's Hawkbulls Quinn Bullmarina - White dog with a good head and neat noseroll. Clear dark eyes and good ears. Wide front and good tacked on shoulders, but I preferred the straighter bone of (1). Good shoulders and construction, well handled.

3rd. Davies' Kerkade Show Time With Kismond.

LD (3,3)

OD (4,3) - 1st. Livingstone's Ruakuri On The Road Again At Jacobella - This is an honest eye-catching bulldog. No exaggeration just a very good all round dog. Lovely front with good bone and both width and depth of chest. Super profile all finished off with a good tail. Excellent brick shaped head with very good mouth, dark eyes and correct ears. His good construction and rear angulation resulted in a super moving dog who kept his lovely topline on the move. Shown in very good condition. BEST IN SHOW.

VD/B (7,3) - 1st. Taylor's Hillplace Lady Of Iron - 7 year old eye-catching brindle/white bitch. Absolutley correct in every way, feminine but with good bone. Front very good with straight bone and tacked on shoulders. Good head with clear dark eyes, good upturn and small neat correctly placed ears. Moved very well. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.  2nd. Bannister's Andlare Late Fall - 9 year old red/white bitch shown in super condition. Lovely bone and front finished off with perfect tight well padded feet. Pleasing head with both width and length, very good muzzle, dark eyes and small neat ears. Shade longer cast that (1).  3rd. Poole's Anandare Daniel's Destiny.

MPB (7,3) - 1st. Williamson's Royaltudor Bless You Simone - 8 month old red/white puppy. What a stunning puppy, caught my eye as she came into the ring. Feminine yet with plenty of bone. Completely balanced brick shaped head with good mouth, super width and depth of muzzle balanced to length of skull. Wide open nostrils, clear dark eyes and neat ears. Good front, with width and adequate depth, pear shape with correct topline, finished off with straight tail of good length. Moved very well. This is definitely one to look out for. In the challenge she unfortunately ran out of steam. BEST PUPPY BITCH.  2nd. Taylor's Hillplace Gold Charm - Just 6 month old red/white puppy. Another lovely puppy, (1) and (2) showed clearly the difference between 6 months and nearly 9 months old. Everything about this puppy is right for her age. Super front, both width and depth. Good bone, very nice head with length and width, super ear placement and clear dark eyes. An extremely good mover, walked her width. When she matures I predict she'll be one to look out for.  3rd. Dauphin-Simmons' Senidan Princess Ida.

PB (6,2) - 1st. Bradshaw's Brarabus Proud Mary - 10 month old red/white bitch. I nearly overlooked this bitch when the class came in, but when I went over her I realised just how good and correct she is. A completely honest balanced bitch with very good front, both width and depth, tacked on shoulders and very good overall construction. Super head with dark eyes, open nostrils and neat minimal noseroll. In the challenge she was very restless. 

2nd. Bannister's Andlare Holy Calamity - 10 month old red/white pied bitch. Another very nice bitch, but she seemed rather subdued. Superb front assembly with width, depth and straight bone. Lovely shoulders and very well constructed overall.  3rd. Livingstone's Jacobella Madam Me Me.

JB (5,3) - 1st. Bannister's Andlare Come What May - Red/white bitch, with the lovely front that is so typical of this kennel. Her good construction is very clear - standing behind, her pear shape, tacked on shoulders and lovely rise were very apparent, all finished off with a good tail. She was a happy bitch and kept leaping on the move, so I only had  a quick snapshot of her movement, but she held her topline well. RESERVE BEST BITCH.  2nd. Davies' Kismond Tropical Sunset - Red/white bitch, more leggy than (1) and not such a good head. However, she's only just a year old and I've seen her getting better with each show, so she could need more time to mature.

YB (1,1)

NB (3,2) - 1st. Davies' Kismond Midnight Sunset - Very nice 13 month old brindle/white bitch. Good head with neat noseroll, open nostrils and a wide straight mouth. Clear dark eyes and small correctly placed ears. Good front, with straight bone, width and depth. Shoulders nicely tacked on leading to pear shaped body topped off with a good tail. She moved extremely well; one of the few to clearly walk her width. BEST BITCH, BEST OPPOSITE SEX.

PGB (4,4) 

LB (3,1) - 1st. Jobson's Takoda Friend To All - Red/white pied bitch with lovely clear dark eyes. Good topline, nice bone, straight front and good feet. Balanced head with neat noseroll and open nostrils. Flat skull with small, correctly placed ears. Moved very well. Very fidgetty, when she steadied for a few seconds she looked much better.   2nd. Williams' Willsmere Matilda - Eye-catching red/white bitch. Very well constructed with lovely profile, topline and good spring of rib, giving clear pear shaped body. Nicely tacked on shoulders and enough neck. Very good front, with straight bone and good feet. Good head with both length and width, lovely underjaw, clear dark eyes and great upturn. Unfortunately she was limping.

OB (5,1) - 1st. Williams' Willsmere Samantha - Well constructed white bitch. A good honest bulldog with great construction and topline and good tail. Tacked on shoulders with good bone and wide front with adequate depth (handler tended to stand her too wide in front, making her lean sideways and look unbalanced). Pleasing head with clear dark eyes and neat ears. Moved very well.   2nd. Ashton & Dodwell's Asharlo Gypsy Rose - Very close decision between (1) and (2). Brindle/white bitch with super front - good width and depth - and good feet. Lovely body shape with correct shoulders, good spring of rib and correct rise, leading to good tail. Good head shape with dark eyes, flat skull and neat correctly placed ears.

3rd.  Davies' Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond JW